Email & SMS Communication

Kyon CRM's email and SMS feature allows users to easily communicate with their clients through personalized messages. Whether you need to send a quick reminder or launch a marketing campaign, this feature has you covered.

To use the feature, simply select your client, and customize the content using templates or by writing your own text. You can send emails and SMS messages directly from within the application, making it easy and convenient to reach out to your clients.

The email and SMS feature offers many benefits, including the ability to reach clients quickly and efficiently, and the convenience of being able to send messages from within the application.

For example, you might use the feature to send an SMS to remind a client about an upcoming appointment, or send an email marketing campaign to promote a new product or service.

Our email and SMS feature is a valuable tool for any dog trainer looking to stay connected with their clients. We encourage you to try it out and see the difference it can make for your communication and marketing efforts

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